Xajikk Competitor

To understand the fires that burn in the heart of all members of the Xajikk Family, one need only look to the history of their greatest ancestor, the mighty Akarr Xajikk. A proud servant of Ghazmok, and one of the greatest soldiers in the history of the Talrok, Akarr amassed the spoils of war and the Xajikk Family became very wealthy - but wealth meant little to Akarr. He longed only for the thrill of victory. It was rumored that Akarr Xajikk was immortal, as even in his old age, he continued to fight in the name of the gods.

Wishing to die in the greatest battle in history, the Akarr spent the entire family fortune placing a bounty on his own head. One-by-one, heroes and villains alike came to slay the great warrior, but none ever succeeded. Even on his deathbed, Akarr managed to defeat dozens of the world's greatest assassins. Much to his chagrin, Akarr died of old age, peacefully, in his sleep. His tombstone reads simply, "I win."