Randc talrok
Talrok are one of two races available at game launch.

A dark and powerful race, the Talrok hold themselves to be the chosen of the gods, fortified with the duty of spreading the ways of their culture throughout the world. Often considered as the counterpart to Humans, the Talrok loathe what some would say are their distant relatives. Versatile in the ways of magic and combat, the Talrok are accepted among all classes of Kujix.

With history dating back to the creation of their capital city Xanjuix Karr, the Talrok are also responsible for the creation of the Kujix.

The Talrok have a hatred for anything Human or Sylvain. This includes the races that offer support, such as the Sprites and Wisps.

Creators of the world-known Xanjuix Karr Regime and Xhajix Drekk factions, the Talrok are extremely well connected throughout the world with numerous other races and organizations bent on the downfall of the Humans, Sylvain, and Asheroth. Their dark nature makes them exceptional Assassins.