Human Soldier


Talrok Soldier

Soldiers are the prize warriors of Alganon. Specializing in Weaponry, Tactics and Defense, a soldier is capable of learning how to deal maximum damage and protect his companions. Soldiers are also capable of handling a wide variety of weapons.

Focusing on Strength and Endurance, soldiers utilize their anger during combat to maximize the impact of their special attacks. Soldiers are also capable of energizing their friends and weakening their opponents with a wide variety of battle calls. A strong party always consists of one or more Soldiers, trained and focused in one of the many branches of specializations.



Unique to soldiers, they use focus and energy. Energy is used to execute abilities more in nature to his/her physical prowess than magical. Energy starts off at 100% and after spending some, it will slowly regenerate on its own. Energy is represented by a red bar underneath the focus bar.


Tactical Stance

A balanced stance with no modifiers, perfect for initial combat.

Weaponry Stance

An aggressive stance in which the soldier is capable of quickly unleashing large amounts of damage.

Defensive Stance

A stance designed to defend and protect the soldier and his/her allies.



The core of a soldier lies in his ability to survive. Clad in heavy armor, they are able to survive blows that would kill his allies. A good soldier takes advantage of this strength and defends his allies by making himself the target of enemy attacks.


By specializing in weaponry, a soldier can hone his skills in combat, damage, and general offense. A soldier who focuses on Weaponry will find himself exceptionally proficient at using a two handed weapon for offense, without losing his core ability to survive.


Some solders choose to focus their abilities to gain a tactical advantage, through crowd control and utility support. A soldier who focuses on Tactics will find himself exceptionally proficient at motivating his group mates and controlling the battlefield.


These specializations focus on defending against great armies. A soldier who focuses on Protection will find himself exceptionally proficient at using a one handed weapon and shield to defend his allies against large numbers of opponents.