IGN Interview - "MyAlganon is a free community site where people can register for the upcoming Beta and release. It allows those interested in Alganon to interact with each other, share media, plan events, and more. Essentially it's a souped-up Facebook/Myspace for Alganon. We will be adding numerous features to MyAlganon as the game progresses in development, enhancing its functionality and ties to the game. We hope to receive community input into the design of these features."

  • An online social-networking site that can be used by players of all online games.
  • Ties directly into game data from Alganon with the Library system. Able to access this data both in-game and on MyAlganon.
  • Guild Communication - no need to go find outside webspace for your Alganon guild - just use MyAlganon.
  • Groups/Forums/News - all provide ways to enhance your experience with Alganon. MyAlganon is a part of the fun, not tacked on the end.
  • The online gateway to the Alganon Library system.

MyAlganon Signup Page