Human Magus


Talrok Magus

Masters of destruction, the Magus embraces the elements to smite their foes. Specializing in the areas of Flame, Frost and Storm, the Magus is greatly feared by all in the world of Alganon.

While they lack tough armor and a high endurance, those who get close enough to strike a Magus will find them agile and well protected by their magic.



Every Magus is able to channel energy from several elemental schools efficiently. Each affinity provides passive effects to the Magus and many of his/her spells are changed as well - some are made stronger, some are unavailable or weakened while others gain secondary effects.


As they grow in power, Magi gain the ability to summon elementals, living avatars of the elements, that can greatly enhance their powers. Generally, a Magus will infuse herself with the elemental, the two becoming one immensely powerful being. However, in the case of the ice elemental, a Magus will unleash the frozen wrath as a separate entity, capable of defending the Magus from harm.



Magi begin their studies by learning to tap into their own Essence for power. All Magi, no matter their specialization, are capable of unleashing torrents of Essence energy in order to strike multiple foes at the same time.


These specializations allow the Magus to focus her damage on a single target, raining fire and destruction on a the Magus' chosen foe.


These specializations provide additional support effects, allowing the Magus to assist her allies and take control of the battlefield.


These specializations provide additional defensive effects for the Magus, increasing the viability of her ice elemental and the durability of the Magus itself.