Randc human
Humans are one of the two races available at game launch.

The protectors of the lands, Humans are very versatile specialize in everything from melee combat to ranged and magical combat. With a rich history and deep ties to the Asheroth, Humans are found all over the world, with Asheran being their home city.

While the humans are hated by many races throughout the world, namely the Gnolls, Ogran, and Hogsnouts, the true rivalry lies between the Humans and the Talrok, a race of which the Humans despise. Talrok feel the same about Humans, and when members of both races come into proximity, there is usually blood.

Humans are known as the founders of the Asheroth as well as the creation of the Asheran Protectorate and Ardonya Guard factions.


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