Hokott Competitor

During the Great War, monstrous Gargantuak demons rose from the depths and began to lay waste to all life on Alganon. While many of the great Families hid in terror, the Hokott Family saw this as the chance to prove their strength. Each member of the Hokott Family kept a pile of stones, adding a new stone to the pile for each demon they slew. By the time the Great War had ended, the piles of stones stood taller than a dozen men and had become a symbol of Asheroth superiority. The roads of Asheran Forest were paved from these stones, every step taken today is a reminder of the Hokott Family's spirit of competition.

Today, this same zeal is also applied to the fields of politics and commerce. The Hokott Family is always pushing the other families to improve themselves in their respective areas of expertise, or fall behind.