Wouldn't it be more fun to switch between multiple roles for your characters, while still maintaining what your character is good at from their core skills? With our Dual Role System, you are able to more easily fit into a group that may already have a the same class as your characters. Each of your characters will be clearly defined in what their abilities are as well, so there is minimal time spent searching for what a group is needing.

  • Endgame Group Combat is very "role-driven" - when you enter combat, you know what you need to do (kill, heal, protect, control). However, classes are not restricted to a single role. Each character class has a primary role, and can choose one of 3 secondary roles.
  • Example of why this is important:
    • If you need a tank - you know that any soldier can fill that role. You do not have to ask "what is your spec?" to everyone you see - just invite a soldier.
    • However, soldiers are not the only tanks! You can also bring a Frost Magus, or a Guardianship Ranger!
    • If you already have a tank, you can still invite a soldier without their slot being "wasted" as a second tank. Instead, the soldier changes stance to match their chosen secondary role and does that job instead.