DeVoss Socializer

No one family understands both the intricacies and importance of communication more so than the DeVoss Family. Famous for their place in the social hierarchy, members of the DeVoss Family never find themselves in the company of strangers. For no matter where you go, or who you speak to, someone there considers the DeVoss family to be amongst their closest friends.

"Information is the real coin of power", is a well known saying among the DeVoss, and it shows with their masterful handing of all forms of media, leaving no question too difficult or trivial for discussion and dissemination. When the Emperor has a message of great importance to deliver, he only needs to tell a member of the DeVoss family, as he knows they will soon spread the information across the lands with the grace and intimacy that only a DeVoss can possess.

Through their vast influence and techniques in exchanging ideas the DeVoss Family has become world renowned and well loved.