We understand the need to separate crafting from adventuring in many cases. Some of you want to stick around town and become the local blacksmith, without being required to go out and hunt for ingots and other materials in some risky adventure. Others of you are completely opposite, thriving on pure adventure. With the Consignment system and auction houses available in key areas, you can find and request what you need to continue crafting, without needing to go out in risky far-off areas.

  • Players can post requests for items to be made or found on the auction system.
  • Balances out material needs for those that may not wish to directly obtain those materials.
  • Allows players to setup and participate in player-based "Item Quests" within the Consignment house.
  • Gives players who only have a short time to play something to do. It is quick to hop on the Consignment house, pick an order to fill, and craft or gather those items.