This page shows a list of Deities that a player may choose to follow.

Each Deity represents a different theme. For the Asheroth, there are the Gods of Light, and Deliverance, and Goddesses of Blessing and Life. For the Kujix there are the Gods of Death and Pain, and the Goddesses of Deception and Oblivion. Each Deity has unique strengths and weaknesses.

Deities are represented throughout the world by temples and devoted followers that provide services to patrons. Once a character chooses a deity to worship, they cannot leave the service of that deity. It is a lifelong commitment.

As a character executes orders in the name of their Deity, they gain patronage; this is a value that defines how dedicated of a follower they are. As a character grows in their devotion, they will receive additional boons and access to special quests, assignments, vendors, trainers and crusades. For example, the Asheroth God of Light may wish to create a crusade that only his most loyal servants are to participate in.

Those who choose not to ally themselves with a particular deity are free to roam the world as "agnostic" individuals. While this may be advantageous in certain areas, they will never experience enhancements from any of the deities in many of the realms, nor the epic Crusades that take place.

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