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The sworn enemy of the Kujix, the Asharr have represented Order, Obedience, and Protection. Embracing the ways of light, nature, heart, and mind, they represent the most powerful warriors in the land that wish to take up arms against Chaos and Destruction.

The Asharr culture is very refined and sophisticated. They prefer lighter materials, bright emblems, and bright reflective surfaces. They prefer things that are clean and organized.

The more powerful a member of the Asharr, the brighter their eyes glow.

  • 'Note*  The title of this page is out of date, as it lists this factions name as it originally was: the Asheroth.  This name, as you all know, was changed due to potential copyright infringment.  The only reason I have not changed it is because I am unable to change the title of this page.  Also several other pages list the faction name as Asheroth instead of Asharr; they should be changed as well.'