Ardanis Explorer

The Ardanis Family are known to be Asheran's greatest explorers, and have been for generations. The Journals of Vann Ardanis, and his search for a Northern Passage are taught in all of Asheran's schools, and the maps drawn by his granddaughter, Lora Ardanis, are considered to be the most expansive and most accurate maps ever created. If a member of the Ardanis family takes pen to paper and writes, "Here Be Dragons," it is because she has seen them with her own eyes.

In fact, the Ardanis name has entered the slang and lingo of the gypsy clans that roam the forests around Asheran. Should a gypsy woman say to you, "Footprints of Ardanis," she means that she has seen your situation before. There is nothing new. For no matter where you go, a member of the Ardanis Family has been there first.