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1st December, 2009
Syndic says ... Today is the day, ALGANON has not launched!!!!!
03 June, 2009
Lordberek says ... Several important updates were recently made to the Wiki. Be sure to check all areas for the latest news about the game. More information about races and classes was recently introduced in several exclusive class based interviews.
26 May, 2009
Lordberek says ... The Asheroth faction was recently renamed to the Asharr to be more reflective and true to themselves as a people.
28 April, 2009
Lordberek says ... A major feature, Families, was added to the official site yesterday, and included as of today here at the Alganon Wikia homepage. Families are social groups in Alganon that go beyond your normal guild. Learn more about Families!
7th April, 2009
Lordberek says ... Private Beta continues with a focus currently on the Library system. You can read more about the Library here: ZAM.
5th March, 2009
Syndic says ... It has been revealed that the first stage of Public Beta will begin hopefully on April 1st. You can read more over at RPG Vault.
17th February, 2009
Syndic says ... Quest Online has launched their Alganon community site MyAlganon. Head on over and check it out, sign up and join in on what is going to be a community experience for all.
15th January, 2009
Syndic says ... This is the year it is all going to happen. With the game in the year of launch we should have alot more information and goings on around here. As we get closer more of the workings should be revealed to us and as such this site will be ready to catch it all. Be Ready .....

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Alganon is designed to be an innovative MMORPG that brings features such as the Studies system to users who may not have time to play the game as frequently as others. that allows thousands of people to play together in a virtual world that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, ancient places to discover, the utilization of detailed tradeskills, and more. Designed from scratch and based in a uniquely created world, the initial goal in designing Alganon was to provide "Simple Gameplay with Unlimited Growth in a massive world of immersion and interaction".

Part of achieving Quest Online's goal was to create a game that made it easy for anyone to get started in and play, but also build the game in such a fashion that even the most skilled and hardcore gamer has the potential to grow beyond their expectations. A world where the causal and hardcore gamer alike can adventure, grow, build, and share their accomplishments with other players.


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